Connecting the disconnected

Introducing Abiri Livestock Tracking and Monitoring.

Protecting rural communities' wealth by letting them know the whereabouts of their livestock anywhere, anytime. Installation fee is R500.00 with R250 monthly installment.

We provide integrated mapping system that gives peri-urban and rural areas digital presence - solving the problem of poor digital integration which hinders the mobility of essential services and economic activities. We use census numbers on each households as well as drones on those hard to reach places. Satellite imagery and data is crucial for us to scale, a useful resource needed to create one of the best digital maps even in remote places.
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View all your cars and the tollgates and fuel expenses you have made.

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Taxi Ranks Finder is another unique solution created to eliminated word of mouth direction inquiries, especially to our users who find themselves in new cities and townships seeking to travel from place to another via public transport.

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Organize group travel with your friends, family and partners and enjoy the smart convoy of digitally being connected even though other members disappeared in the traffic or city streets.

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Register your car model for better tollgates and fuel consumption prices – then put in your destination address and let your trip be Abirified.


view all the trips, journeys and travels you have made.


Exclusive service where users will know what documents to carry when crossing any border, including car permits, loads permits, non-perishable and perishable permits, etc.

We are highly driven team with combined experience of over 23 years ranging from Software to Business Development. The company was founded in 2018 and has since been making traction in mapping peri-urban and rural areas with some of achievements include winner of the SAIS Boostup Pitch Competition 2019.
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January 2016: The beginning of software development and programming.
June 2016: The first prototype development and beta test begins.
December 2016: Failed tests and fixing glitches.
March 2017: Second Prototype ready for beta tests.
August 2017: Improving the final prototype with more beta tests continuing.
Jan 2018: Customizing townships and rural digital maps begins from open source maps.
June 2018: Our servers fail to support the system due to large amount of data.
Jan 2019: Customizing more townships and rural digital maps with the hope of getting faster and bigger servers.

March 2019: Mlab Limpopo Incubation Program.
August 2019: Boostup Competition 2019 national finalist (qualified for SLUSH event 2019, Finland: Helsinki). October 2019: Nominees for Best Incubated Solution at MTN Business App of the Year 2019.
November 2019:Overall Winners of the Boostup Competition in Finland, Helsinki. 

  • 15 Biccard Street, Polokwane Central, Polokwane, South Africa